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Management tool for governance of sport clubs in general, describing values

VISION4SPORTS consists of a group of several independent international companies which all are highly specialized to provide their clients with high end services, concepts and products for the international sportindustry.

We always have our clients best in focus

Our clients often states that our various businesses provides them with very attractive synergies. And that the platform that these different businesses create together gives them added values that meets up to their needs.

This can best be characterized as a coherent and comprehensive ecosystem that support by contribute with all forms of services that constitutes the modern sports industry today.



VISION4SPORTS Sportsmanagement is a Swedish sportdevelopment company

Holds it mainfocus primarily on all sorts of sports related development. VISION4SPORTS Sweden provides only development high end related services mainly. The company are operating in three different business areas and operates completely independent from the other companies in the business group.


V4SI laying

VISION4SPORTS INTERNATIONAL consists like our Swedish sport development company also of three well defined business areas.

VISION4SPORTS INTERNATIONAL are also operating on licens as an international sales channel for concepts and products developed by the Swedish based VISION4SPORTS.

VISION4SPORTS INTERNATIONAL  has its headquarter located strategically in Riga the capital city of Latvia. The company are also represented by several branch offices located throughout the world.

Further down below you’ll find a short description for what kund of services each of the business areas provides our clients with.



VISION4SPORTS INTERNATIONAL manages pure management related issues such as representation of athletes regarding contract negotiations and to find leagues and clubs for individual athletes. Under this department several certified sportagents operates from our different branch offices throughout the world. They all are co operating with our sport legal department where we have attorneys specialized on all forms of sports law.


VISION4SPORTS INTERNATIONAL also provides with a legal and international tax department holding services for both individual athletes, clubs, national associations and stadium owners. This department his highly specialized in sportslaw related topics and have an extensive experience from dealing with all kind of sport related law.


VISION4SPORTS INTERNATIONAL also holds its own wealth and insurance management department. Here we can provide with all sort of services from securing contract values from currency movements to place investments for the day when its time for retirement or in case of an injury that sets end to a sport career.

For more detailed information please visit: VISION4SPORTS INTERNATIONAL