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VISION4SPORTS Sportsmanagement is a Swedish sportdevelopment company that focuses primarily on all sorts of sports -related development . The Swedish company is part of a larger group of companies, all operating in the sports industry.

VISION4SPORTS was originally founded as an result of people coming together that had several years of experiences and insights from different areas in the sports industry. One day when they sat down together and took a Swedish traditional fika they realized that they had a strong knowledge that could be beneficial for other people in the industry. There and then they decided to try to let their knowledge meet the market for sports. And since 2010 the company has been under development and involved in several different sport related development projects with a magnificent results.

VISION4SPORTS signum is that all of our consultants has worked or are still working as professionals in the international sports industry. Some of them represents some of the strongest sports brands in the world. Three of our consultants actually are still working for some of the most prestigious sport organizations or teams in the world.

All of VISION4SPORTS consultants have several years of experience from the international sports industry in a variety of different management roles. All our consultants co-operates over the borders inside their field of competence. By doing so we always are able to match our clients needs and reassure our self that our clients get access to the best possible solution that they asking for.

VISION4SPORTS Sportsmanagement are an fullservice company which are operating in three different business areas. The company core business are focusing on and handles development related services. All development related services comes with a very strong awareness, knowledge and dedicated focus regarding demands and needs around sports. We are especially strong on how to gain and raise competitiveness in all sectors of sport to reach success.


VISION4SPORTS Prospect Development Academy

VISION4SPORTS Precamp Concepts

VISION4SPORTS Scouting Programme

VISION4SPORTS Pro Scouting Programme