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Goran Hartmann is the initial founder of what today has become VISION4SPORTS corporation. Goran has an long extensive career in various management positions and are specialized on development related topics in general. Due to his knowledge from business- and process oriented development from his civil career, he started to questioning why one of the sports clubs in his hometown did´t secure and take care of it´s full potential. The questioning soon where followed by some structuring and planning at his think tank at home. 18 month later he had developed an action program ready to be presented for the governing board, the rest is history.

Goran Hartmann holds over 20 years of experience from various management positions and recognized skills in the civilian context in the field of complex strategic concept- and business development. Goran Hartmann has been the architect of several major innovations in business management and IT and has several larger concept and development projects on the logistics side of the merit list. Goran Hartmann was b la innovator and architect for a web based tool that contributed to the Swedish Post and the Division for Production were receiving the Swedish Quality Award the year 2000 (Recognition of Swedish excellence).

“I consider Goran Hartmann to be an extremely brilliant visionary who always seems to be years ahead. Goran also possesses a tremendous ability to take things from vision to real-life situation . He´s fearless attitude to the difficult and impossible is combined with a razor-sharp intellect , where he holds an extreme aptitude to see the big picture fast. Hartmann possess in my opinion a perfect holistic and analytical skill, which he combines with a great leadership that give others the desire to contribute to the realization of projects for most mortals feel completely unfeasible from a beginning ”

Mats Ekdahl, former Executive Vice President , Sweden Post AB

Goran Hartmann have an extensive experience from systematical development methods and are recognized as a very experienced project manager. He has a good track record from a lot of development- techniques, methods and systems.

Sportrelated background

During the year of 1998 to 2000 Goran Hartmann decided that he wanted to help out to display the business- or sport related potential in one of the sport clubs in his hometowns. So he developed a full covering visionary program for one of Swedens elite hockey clubs in the effort to try to establish the club on a elite league level. The visionary program was developed and managed as a portfolio, containing no less then 12 different projects. All projects was described in their own project directive, so each separate project could be managed by it´s own project group of volunteers.

The projects where covering  several different areas such as management, marketing & sales, infrastructure and also school education. Even the work structure for the board was redesigned in whole to secure and eliminate the risks for contra productive development. Several of the projects by themselves where highlighted on a national scale and two different projects where by themselves nominated for prestigious prizes as best practice.

All projects where co-ordinated and launched in a sequenced in a effort to lift the club to its full potential.

The implementation of the full program was outperformed between the year 2000 to 2010. And the last project are still waiting to be implemented. It was the 12th project in the visionary program, and its a venue project of the 5th generation and its still ongoing due to delays related to public appeals of the project.

Sport related  operations

* Ordinary member developed Almtuna IS strategical visionary program between the year 1998-2000

* Head of implementation of Almtuna IS strategical program portfolio containing 12 projects, year 2000-2006

* CEO for the project development company Arena 2010 AB, between year 2006 – 2008

* Member of the board Almtuna IS 2000 – 2002 (strategic areas)

* Vice President of the board Almtuna IS 2002 – 2006 (strategic areas)

* Assistant coach and Team Manager Almtuna IS youth team born -89, 1999 – 2002

* Assistant coach and Team Manager Almtuna IS youth team born -94, 2002 – 2007

* Established Precamp as an campconcept to prevent early drop out´s from ice hockey, 2009

* Team Manager Almtuna IS Junior Elite Team U-18 2011 – 2012

* Assistant principal for Fiskens Hockeyskola for 7 years. (Europe´s oldest and largest summer hockey school)

* Development of ice sport infrastructure for better accessibility and to lower the costs 2005 – 2008