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Sports Advisory & Medical Services

Under this business area are all of our sport development related activities located, as well as activities of our Academy and scouting programme and services. The business area holds a well developed portfolio of different services that includes advanced advisory, development and evaluation services for clubs, athletes, schools, both municipal and private that have an interest of presenting themselves towards sports. All  of our services and concepts are developed from genuine knowledge of the requirements of demands that comes within  some of the world’s premier professional leagues, all to create better conditions of competition for our clients.

VISION4SPORTS advisors are seen as the top people in their fields, several also has extensive experience from the  international sports scene where a number appears in some of the world’s top professional leagues. Within  VISION4SPORTS, we have also identified and developed a model that specifies the optimal environment for young talents and we use today as a yardstick to develop standards in all forms of school related activities.

Concept & Infrastructure Services

Our business area named Concept & Infrastructure Services provides advisor and we are able to set whole consultants team with some of Europe’s top advisers and consultants in the field of facility related services targeting the market for sports. We have expertise regarding commercial integration, financing, early stage concepts, project management to construction related hands on advisors.

VISION4SPORTS advisers have all the practical experience and has been professionally active in the facility and development of venue stadiums for the sports industry. VISION4SPORTS provides with special advisers such as in commercial design and integration, idea and concept developers, client representatives , project managers, administrators and resources held senior positions within the arena area.

VISION4SPORTS business area manager has practical experience in strategic planning from a lifecycle perspective of one of Sweden’s most famous and more thoughtful arenas.

Corporate & Sportsmarketing Services

Corporate & Sports Marketing Services gives you access to some of Scandinavia’s foremost advisors and consultants active on the market of strategic sponsorship solutions for sport. VISION4SPORTS providing advice and complete solutions for strategic marketing initiatives placed and directed towards the sports industry. VISION4SPORTS take care of everything from sponsorship, activation, purchase of rights, the production of hospital related events, provision of hospitality solutions, packaging and selling name rights and licensing and so on. The business area also performs all forms of commercial packaging!in conjunction with major property related assignments in the business area Concept & Infrastructure Services.

The business area also provides concepts for sport organizations that wants to strengthen their position as a network provider towards corporation, our concepts are really strong and adds value´s towards the corporate sector.

Our strong portfolio of network and conference related travel solutions are also a very appreciated conceptual service among both club´s and companies that want to get the most out of their travel experience. Our project managers in the sportmarketing area are especially strong on really add on value from a business perspective.